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Yamaha NU1XA Digital Piano - Gloss Black



The NU1XA utilizes a complex and elaborate upright piano action mechanism that transmits the delicate movements of the keys to the hammer. It responds accurately to the subtlest nuances and expressive intentions of the player, including delicate performance techniques such as trills and continuously repeated notes. In addition, the keyboard is made of wood, just as with an acoustic piano, providing a solid, natural response.

The NU1XA features our newly developed Articulation Sensor System, which accurately and continuously captures the pianist’s subtlest performance nuances, through non-contact electromagnetic sensors and Yamaha’s proprietary algorithm. This system utilizes two separate sensors on each key: one for the hammer—the most crucial part of the acoustic piano sound mechanism—and the other for the key itself, to precisely measure the movement of finger release and articulate exactly the special nuances when the sound stops. Together, they fully capture the most delicate expressions of the player.

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