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Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker Pickup, White



The JB Model humbucker is our most popular pickup of all time. Blues, country, fusion, punk, hard rock, grunge, thrash; the JB has always sounded right, even as new genres have emerged around it. The low end is full and powerful, the highs are crisp and detailed, and there’s a bump in the upper mids that adds crunch and chunk to heavy chords but translates into a vocal-like quality when playing single notes or solos. Meanwhile, the warm output pushes your amp a little harder for more sustain and overtones.

Use it with a 500k volume pot for an excellent high-end cut, or try a 250k pot to smooth out the tone for softer styles. It pairs especially well with Jazz or ’59 neck pickups, and some players even like to use a JB in the neck position for an extra fat solo sound.

Handcrafted in our Santa Barbara, California factory, the JB uses a 5-bar Alnico magnet, a nickel-silver bottom plate, a 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options such as series, parallel and split coil, and is vacuum waxed for squeak. free performance. Available in standard humbucker and trembucker spacing for 6 strings, as well as 7 string passive mounting options.

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