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Seymour Duncan Blackouts Modular + Coil Pack, Long Shaft



The crunch and wail that defines the modern, heavy rock guitar genre often comes from active guitar pickups, which have a built-in, battery-powered, epoxy-sealed preamp in a hard black case. It’s a decidedly modern sound married to a decidedly modern look. Now, for the first time, you can make any van an active van, even vans with a more traditional look.

Seymour Duncan has taken his award-winning low-noise, current-cutting balanced differential preamplifier out of the mic and integrated it with a high-quality volume control. The Blackouts modular preamp is an ingenious way to achieve high-gain active guitar sound with any passive four-wire pickup. By simply swapping a volume knob for a Blackouts Modular Preamp volume knob, you can achieve active sounding performance with a more classic look.

To capture the precise sound and performance of the original Blackouts mics, Seymour Duncan has created the Blackouts Coil Pack, a replacement humbucker specifically designed for use with the Blackouts Modular Preamp. The Coil Pack will be available as a stand-alone collar or bridge humbucker, or in a two humbucker set packaged with the Blackouts Modular Preamp.

Connecting the coil pack or any mic to the Blackouts Modular Preamplifier is an incredibly simple, solderless procedure, thanks to the same bare wire connection stations used in the Seymour Duncan Liberator solderless mic changing system. Installation of the mics requires only a mini screwdriver to secure the mic and drum cables into the screw connectors.

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